Scikit-learn’s Defaults are Wrong

This recent Tweet erupted a discussion about how logistic regression in Scikit-learn uses L2 penalization with a lambda of 1 as default options. If you don’t care about data science, this sounds like the most incredibly banal thing ever. If you do care about data science, especially from the statistics side of things, well, have … Continue reading Scikit-learn’s Defaults are Wrong

Stream Python into PowerPoint with pp_stream

I like Python, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not Microsoft PowerPointâ„¢, which is clearly the superior software in every way. Unfortunately, my managers don’t agree with me. When I do things in PowerPoint, they ask things like, “why aren’t you working?” and “why did we ever hire you?” Alas, I’m stuck working in Python. … Continue reading Stream Python into PowerPoint with pp_stream